Against Modern Time Slavery

Bumble Bee Hand Car Wash & Valeting Centre is proud to be a part of the cause "AGAINST MODERN TIME SLAVERY IN THE HAND CAR WASHES"

All our staff members are paid AT LEAST minimum hourly wage required by law. Therefore, even if we are not offering the cheapest prices, we are proud to say that we not only take care of our customers, providing them with the best services, we also take care of our team members.

If you are using Bumble Bee Hand Car Wash & Valeting Centre you can rest assured that you are not supporting Modern Time Slavery, instead you are supporting us in fighting to STOP this.

Modern Time Slavery in Hand Car Washes is big social issue and as Simon Usborne, from The Guardian, explains: "The EAC heard last month that a car wash costing less than £6 could be funding modern slavery. Crude calculations illuminate the problem. A £5 car wash employing five workers for 10 hours a day would have a minimum wage bill (at £7.83 an hour for workers over 25) of £391.50. That team would need to wash 79 cars a day to bring in that kind of cash, or one car every seven and a half minutes. That’s a doable rate, but it relies on a constant flow of cars and ignores overheads – chemicals, water, equipment, rent, tax – and the need for profit."

You Can read his full article here:

Therefore, the next time you go for a cheap wash, please do remember to check, as Darryl Dixon, the director of strategy at the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) says “But there are drivers who are only interested in getting the cheapest wash. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.”

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